Selasa, 17 November 2015

Fly without trace FOR YOU (TRUE LOVE)

Fly without trace FOR YOU (TRUE LOVE)

There is a longing that floated flowing in my veins ..
Giving color hurts the heart ..
Once the puncture marks in the chest pain it feels melancholy ..
This longing was so swift flowing for you ..
Looking for a sip of water absorption from your ..
Pouring a cup of happiness be with you ..
Feeding my inner space ....

"The LONELY without you"

Do not know which direction to go yourself ..
Closed Fog shadow that always ran from me ..
Terniang clear meaning of this togetherness ..
But you're blind closed ego instincts cemburumu! ..

"Did you know this longing?"

No trace possible in your heart ..
No notch memories in your heart .. maybe
Not a trace of love in your heart ... there are probably
Silent in the corner of solitude awaits dirimu1
Come to give what mauku ..
MERINDUMU .. pains me! ...
Imprint sad that my current sense ..
Always ask where you ...
Lonely I make it a habit to create images with you ...
Although always been me who died by this longing !....

By. Joy Amarta

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